Free 16mm Film Workshop with Julie Murray


Mobile Frames is excited to announce a new workshop taking place in Windsor. The two day workshop will happen on the 27th and 28th of September from 11:30am – 5:00pm both days. The Workshop will take place at the Art Gallery of Windsor, 401 Riverside Dr. West
Windsor, Ontario.

Participants will be guided through the steps to make a cameraless moving image film using light-sensitive 16mm film stock and some basic materials. Learn this photographic process from the exposing stage to the hand-processing and tinting stages.
Making a photogram involves laying items on light-sensitive film stock in a darkroom, exposing it briefly to light and then developing the film in chemicals and further toning it later. The objects leave a shadow of themselves on the film, much in the way a tree casts its shadow on the ground. In this way the photogram can be seen as the most primal of photographic processes and, in being so is surely the most expressive.

The resulting processed communally made film will be projected as a movie at the end of the session and each participant may take a piece home if they wish.

“Using combinations of found and original footage, Julie Murray makes subtle and eloquent films that imbue banal images and everyday sounds with an other-worldly charge, a sense of mystery and menace. Murray’s increasingly sophisticated cutting style connects images using visual rhymes based on rhythm, gesture and morphology, until each person, animal or object becomes the dream or nightmare of another in a web of associations without beginning or end.” — Chris Gehman, Cinematheque Ontario

For more information on the event you can find the Facebook event here.

Limited space is available so be sure to register for the workshop by emailing stating your interest.