Kevin Everson



JUNE 2 – JULY 11, 2014

“Over the past fifteen years, Kevin Jerome Everson has created a singular body of work devoted to a personal and distinctive look at African American life. Drawing on his training as a visual artist, notably in sculpture and photography, Everson’s films build a formal relationship to his subjects that move beyond documentary into portraits of people’s physical relationship to their work, their geographic community, and the material weight of history. His films are performative gestures: they inhabit experience as much as they reveal the stories behind that experience.

As Everson’s body of work has steadily accumulated — he currently has seven features and nearly a hundred shorts to his credit — a geographic subtext has appeared that maps the Great Migration of the early and mid-twentieth century, when African Americans moved out of the rural South to the cities of the North. The locations of many of Everson’s films (notably Columbus, Mississippi and Mansfield and Cleveland, Ohio), tied as they often are to communities he has personal relationships with, serve as both a skeletal trace of that historical movement and a testament to the interconnections of African American communities across the United States.” — Toronto International Film Festival

Originally form Mansfield, Ohio, Kevin Everson studied at the University of Akron and at Ohio University. He has made more than seventy short films and five longform films, exhibited at venues including the Whitechapel Gallery (London), the Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris), the Museum of Modern Art (New York) and the Whitney Museum of American Art (New York). Festival screenings include Sundance, Rotterdam, Oberhausen, Berlin and four previous editions of Media City. He is the recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship and an American Academy Rome Prize. He lives in Charlottesville, Virginia where he is a Professor at the University of Virginia.

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